Single Sign-on Using Kerberos in Java

Rick Gan Sheng Lee shenglee83 at
Wed Apr 2 05:18:49 EDT 2014

Hi to any who may concern,

I am making a Java program using Kerberos SSO Authentication to Active
Directory, using GSSAPI as authentication, in Windows 7 fail. The
authentication works fine, but for the Single sign-on to query my Active
directory infomation, I am facing problem. The error message is at below

GSS Initiate Failed [Caused by GSSException: No valid credentials provided
(Mechanism Level: Illegal key size)]

And for some reason, if I use the "kinit" command in command line, and type
in my password, it creates a file and my SSO is working fine. Then there's
the 2nd problem, which is that on the next day, after the ticket lifetime
expires, had to delete it and re-create it for SSO to work again.

I am here to ask, is there any way i can solve this 2 problems?

By the way I am using the kerberos that is bundle together with Java SE
security library, not the MIT kerberos source code.


Thank you




Sheng Lee

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