Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Fri Sep 20 14:52:41 EDT 2013

Mahmoud <gh.mdgh at> writes:

> When I add anything (e.g. function definition or a comment) to a *.h file,
> the number of running of the rotl32 function decrease extremely lot (after
> recompiled the source code). Could you tell me about the relation between
> the *.h files (e.g. extern.h) and the rotl32 function?

I think we might need more details before we can provide you with a
useful answer.  How are you determining the "number of running of the
rotl32 function"?  Are you talking about the rotl32 function in
src/kdc/replay.c or something else?  Which headers are you changing?

Note the rotl32 function in replay.c is declared with the specifiers
"static inline", so your compiler might not generate an externally
visible copy of that function at all, depending on compiler flags etc.

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