DNS server hangs in/after gss_indicate_mechs call on Windows with krb5-1.9 libs

Benjamin Kaduk kaduk at MIT.EDU
Sun May 12 20:00:07 EDT 2013

On Sat, 11 May 2013, diptivs at gmail.com wrote:

> Thanks Greg for the confirmation.
> The reason behind using 1.9 is:
> - I need support for Constrained delegation which is available post 1.8
> - My libraries are built using VS2005SP1. And i understand krb5-1.10
> onwards versions builds only with VS2010. So i will need to install
> VS2010 redistributables as my code builds with 2005. I want to avoid
> installing redistributables.

I do not believe we have seen any reports of failure to build krb5-1.10 
with visual studio versions earlier than 2010.  The build instructions 
specify VS2010 because that is what I was using when I wrote the build 
instructions, and I wanted to be specific enough that the procedure should 
always work.

> BTW, Do we have any plan to fix this bug in 1.9? If yes expected release
> period?

The 1.9.5 release is the last planned release in the 1.9 series; I do not 
expect this bug to change that.

-Ben Kaduk

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