How to use Kerberos Authentication in Delphi 7

Shyam sharma shyam.sharma at
Tue Mar 12 09:36:47 EDT 2013



I need to implement Kerberos Authentication in Delphi desktop application
(Windows application). This is a client server application using RemObjects
SDK for client server communication i.e performed by using TCP/IP. Currently
the application is having its own users login table in database for user
authentication. The flow is like this:

-          A client application accepts Username and password and send it to
server for authentication.

-          Server checks it in user login table and allow or disallow users.


I need to implement Kerberos Authentication (TGS) in this application for
SSO. Is there any 3rd party tool, support library, SDK, component, sample or
help available to use Kerberos in Delphi application. Waiting for your early


Thanks & Regards

Shyam Sharma

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