Multiple copies of service ticket created

Arpit Srivastava arpit.orb at
Wed Mar 6 02:42:49 EST 2013


1. I am trying to request a service ticket of lifetime different than that
of TGT by setting the *time_req *parameter* *in
gsswrapper.gss_init_sec_context() function to emulate a test case
lifetime(service ticket) < lifetime(TGT)

2. However, in that case, although I am able to get a service ticket which
has lifetime validity less than that of TGT, but then everytime I am
running the while loop (gsswrapper.gss_init_sec_context()), a new copy of
the service ticket corresponding to same service is being generated.
Ideally, it should maintain only a single copy of service ticket and renew
it each time. Is there anything wrong with my understanding here ?

3. How to handle the situation using GSS APIs  a) TGT expired and kinit
should be fired again b) Service ticket expired but TGT valid, so renew the
service ticket.


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