any debugging hunches on this assert in sendto_kdc.c?

Chris Hecker checker at
Mon Mar 4 02:49:43 EST 2013

Hmm, the second problem I'm seeing is a hang in poll() in sendto_kdc.c 
with a negative timeout, and it looks like that's fixed in this commit:

Maybe the assert problem is known and fixed too?  A guy can dream.


On 2013-03-03 22:50, Chris Hecker wrote:
> I'm getting this assert intermittently on some loadtesting robots I'm
> running on EC2, but it's only happening out there in the cloud, and only
> when there are hundreds of them running, so it's going to be a pain to
> debug directly, and I'm wondering if I can cheat and somebody here has a
> hunch about it:
> sendto_kdc.c:617: cm_get_ssflags: Assertion `i < selstate->nfds' failed.
> It looks like cm_get_ssflags is only called from service_udp_fd in
> sendto_kdc.c, and it seems to check for INVALID_SOCKET before it's called.
> This is on krb5-1.9.2 clients.
> Thanks for any hints or pointers you might have!
> Chris

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