any debugging hunches on this assert in sendto_kdc.c?

Chris Hecker checker at
Mon Mar 4 01:50:11 EST 2013

I'm getting this assert intermittently on some loadtesting robots I'm 
running on EC2, but it's only happening out there in the cloud, and only 
when there are hundreds of them running, so it's going to be a pain to 
debug directly, and I'm wondering if I can cheat and somebody here has a 
hunch about it:

sendto_kdc.c:617: cm_get_ssflags: Assertion `i < selstate->nfds' failed.

It looks like cm_get_ssflags is only called from service_udp_fd in 
sendto_kdc.c, and it seems to check for INVALID_SOCKET before it's called.

This is on krb5-1.9.2 clients.

Thanks for any hints or pointers you might have!

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