Default Camellia Encryption Support in Build

Nate Rosenblum nater at
Thu Jun 20 11:33:50 EDT 2013

> > 2. When I built Krb5 1.10 with OpenSSL - it built fine. But when I am
> > trying to build Krb5 1.11.3 the same way with OpenSSL - I am getting
> > Camellia related linking errors. (I am building the lib for Android
> > platform and using 1.0.0a version of OpenSSL for libssl and libcrypto)
> You are running configure using "--with-crypto-impl=openssl"?  What
> are the specific errors that you are getting?

I ran into this back in May and emailed the list about it. There are only
three colliding symbols (Camellia_{Ekeygen, EncryptBlock, DecryptBlock}),
and you can easily patch them out of the header as they're only used within
the translation unit. I didn't send a pull request for this because it's a
bit hacky; renaming the symbols is probably the way to go.

patch as gist, if it'll get you unblocked:



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