gss_acquire_cred - failed with "No key entry found"

letz.yaara letz.yaara at
Wed Aug 28 05:24:41 EDT 2013


Does gss_acquire_cred require the service principal name to be
resolved to the current machine ?

I got the following minor error code (major was Failure):

[2] [ERROR] [27/08/2013 13:23:26]  [display_status_type()] GSSAPI
Minor error: *No key table entry found matching
HTTP/* (code: 39756033)

(No idea what is

I used gss_import_name with GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE and the spn was

But it was resolved once I add to /etc/hosts the line -

Do you know why? Before the upgrade it used to work without updating
the /etc/hosts file

Thank you!


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