kdc 1.10 cleanup patches?

Chris Hecker checker at d6.com
Thu Feb 16 01:03:29 EST 2012

I was enthusiastically starting to build 1.10 on my server when I ran
into the fact that I've made some KDC changes (to allow -allow_tix
banning, as discussed last year), and unfortunately, I also changed the
KDC to stop passing the db_entry around by value, and I also killed the
duplicate krb5_realm_params in adm.h and fixed the build.

I know my "banning" fix needs more consideration, but if I port these
two cleanup patches up to 1.10, is there any chance to get them
integrated?  They really make keeping my stuff up to date a pain in the
ass, but I'd hate to roll them back to the bad old way of passing a huge
struct by value in the KDC, and having the crazy duplicate struct
sitting around, both of which are clearly historical artifacts.

I'm happy to do the work again to port to 1.10, but if they're
realistically not going to make it in, I guess I'll just undo them to
avoid the pain in the future, even though I will be crying on the inside
while I do it since these should be fixed.


PS.  I also have a tiny patch to make klist -N print the kvno, which is
useful.  Maybe you'll take that too?

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