: Why are we using libverto again

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 7 11:46:36 EDT 2011

>>>>> "Simo" == Simo Sorce <simo at redhat.com> writes:

    Simo> On Thu, 2011-07-07 at 10:44 -0400, Sam Hartman wrote:
    >> So, as far as I can tell dladdr is a glibc extension.  So, we cannot
    >> even guarantee it's present on Unix platforms.
    >> I'm very concerned about the portability impact of this many shared
    >> library tricks.  Without win32 portability we can never use this in
    >> libkrb5.  So, it's only valuable for the KDC.

    Simo> Many ?
    Simo> dladdr() is the only trick I am aware of.

dlopen the application
Looking for what event libraries are already linked in.

    >> Now, for the KDC today, we could just use a specific event library and
    >> gain significant complexity savings.

    Simo> libverto is not complex at all and saves you from forcing a specific
    Simo> dependency on a system given it seem different OSs are standardizinf on
    Simo> different event libraries for now.

I think it is reasonable and desirable for the KDC to pick a particular
event library when running in stand alone mode.

    >> I'm quite concerned that the complexity of libverto is too great to
    >> depend on just for simplifying a future libkdc.

    Simo> Please take a look at the code.

I'll do that, but the bugs and type of bugs to date already exceepd my
estimate of complexity to value.

    >> This is particulary true because several of the uses of libkdc such as
    >> pku2u or some of the eap preauth cases would strongly benefit from
    >> porting to Windows.

    Simo> Windows was not stated as a necessary dependency when the project was
    Simo> started. If it is now I am sure we can add it on the roadmap. The only
    Simo> issue is that I know of no event libraries available in Windows at all
    Simo> unless you count stuff that compiles on cygwyn/mingw which you said is
    Simo> not ok.

mingw doesn't bother me so much if you can produce a dll and import
 library and have no dependencies on msys.
However, libevent seems to have msvc solutions included in the source so
 I suspect it does not require mingw.

    >> I think we need to take a step back and carefully consider whether this
    >> direction makes sense.

    Simo> It definitely does, the other option is to make the KDC threaded, and it
    Simo> looks like that direction is even less desirable atm.

My preferred solution is to pick a specific event library for the KDC.
The libkdc implications are not ideal, but I think this option needs to
at least be given significantly more consideration than it has been to

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