PRNG cleanups

ghudson@MIT.EDU ghudson at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 23 11:49:40 EST 2011

Based on discussion last September, I've written up a project proposal
for changes to the PRNG logic in krb5, and started a one-week review:

The basic proposed steps are:

* Rewrite the Fortuna PRNG implementation and make it the default.

* Immediately reseed the Fortuna generator on OSRAND and TRUSTEDPARTY
  entropy inputs; other inputs go into the accumulator pools.

* Make the Fortuna PRNG fail out if it can't productively seed its
  generator (this shouldn't ever happen if it's possible to get OS

* Drop the Yarrow PRNG implementation.

* Add a PRNG implementation which just gathers OS entropy.

* Eliminate some of the calls to add entropy inputs where they are not
  needed or useful.

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