[Ietf-krb-wg] RFC 4121 - Context Deletion Tokens

Tim Alsop Tim.Alsop at cybersafe.com
Fri May 7 11:20:23 EDT 2010


> OK, well that explains, it. But some of the questions like the RR questions lead me to believe he might be a lone novice just looking at GSSAPI code.

He is certainly not a novice, I can assure you. We all make mistakes sometimes, especially when working for many hours.

> But has has been pointed out the code in question was from 1993 and may not be used but is still in the RFC and may be broken in some implementations.

This is why we check various implementations as well as the RFC, and we sometimes need to ask questions like on this thread, to confirm our understanding from our findings.

Thanks again for your help.


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