Q: curl with krb1.7 works, recompile for 1.8alpha1 does not work

zhu qun-ying qunying at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 27 18:04:37 EST 2010


I tried with curl and kerberos 1.7 (Under Slackware 13.0) with win2003+sharepoint, it could authenticate itself and retrieve the web page successfully.  But when I tried it with 1.8 alpha1 with the same configuration, it does not work (it generates the negoation headers without problem, but server seems not consider it valid), I have tried to recompile curl with 1.8alpha1, it did not help.

I would like to know what are changes of 1.8alpha1 from 1.7 that could possibly affect the usage?

test with curl 7.19.7 (lib/http_negotiate.c, is the source that calling gss_init_sec_context()).



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