IRC channel for developers

Tom Yu tlyu at
Wed Jan 27 16:23:40 EST 2010

I have registered the #krbdev channel on Freenode IRC
( for the purposes of MIT Kerberos developer instant
messaging chat.  We have been using a Jabber chat room at MIT, but
non-MIT Jabber accounts have repeatedly had problems with joining, so
we are moving to IRC.  Also, other open source projects tend toward
using IRC, and it's more accessible to non-MIT developers.

For more info about Freenode, see

There is an existing Freenode channel #kerberos for general Kerberos
discussion and support.

There are no logs of the #krbdev channel currently, but some
developers have expressed interest in having logging of the channel.
Brandon Allbery and others run a bot (named "lopbot") on #kerberos
(among others) that provides logging and other services.  Is there
interest in asking the lopbot maintainers to have it join and log
#krbdev?  Are there alternative IRC logging bot solutions that people

Tom Yu
Development Team Leader
MIT Kerberos Consortium

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