[Gábor Gombás] Bug#564566: libkadm5clnt7: SONAME conflict with Heimdal

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at sun.com
Tue Jan 12 18:25:31 EST 2010

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 05:08:30PM -0600, Tim Mooney wrote:
> >I suppose it would be OK to have libkadm5clnt-mit.so, with libkadm5clnt.so
> >being a symlink.  In fact, one could even decide that the latter is
> >controlled by alternatives, on a Debian-like platform.
> That's pretty much what I was thinking when I suggested it.
> Note that there's no reason why there couldn't *also* (always) be a
> symlink named
> 	libkadm5clnt-mit.so
> that points to the versioned library.  That might ease things for
> developers -- if they know they need the MIT flavor of the library, they
> look specifically for libkadm5clnt-mit.so, otherwise they link with
> whatever the libkadm5clnt.so is on their platform, and it's the sysadmin
> that chooses (via something like alternatives) which flavor is the
> default.
> If there ever is a pkg-config file or krb5-config is extended to help
> developers answer the question "how do I link with the MIT libkadm5clnt
> library", it should output the libkadm5clnt-mit.so symlink, not the
> "generic" one that might point to the Heimdal flavor.

You're effectively proposing that the library be renamed to avoid the
SONAME conflict, with symlinks left behind for backwards compatibility
(run-time and compile-time).

I agree with that plan.  The krb5-config, .pc files, and docs should be
updated accordingly. 

It helps to have clarity: SONAME conflict -> library name change.


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