1.8 goals... Met or not?

Ezra Peisach epeisach at mit.edu
Sat Jan 2 07:47:35 EST 2010

With the release branch on Monday, I decided to look at the wiki page 
and see what was supposed to be there...

a) Move towards test-driven development:
    This sort of was a failure - even though the wiki indicates that 
MITKC staff must provide testing scripts for every new feature.  Looking 
at the various projects - not many:  Some projects included testing - 
like the crypto modularity, and encryption performance.  Notable "failures"
     i) Improved API for verifying and interrogating authorization data 
- examples on WIKI - but no tests written
     ii) Versatile crypto configuration - no tests that I can see w/ 
DEFAULT enctypes or parsing code
     iii) Lockout for repeated login failures - no test code either
     iv) Services4User - test program exists - but not automated....

b) Features claimed but not met:
    i) Disable DES by default - looking at the code in init_ctx.c - I 
believe the default is still for DES tickets...
Someone could add the pid file for kadmind/kdc as an enhanced 
Administrator experience.


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