Profile include support, round 2

Danilo Almeida dalmeida at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 26 02:29:49 EDT 2010

Greg wrote:
> My first thought was to reset the syntactic parsing state before and
> after each include, but I thought of a simpler design: use a fresh
> state for included files, sharing only the root section with the
> parent.  So if you do something pathological like:
>   krb5.conf:
>     [sec1]
>       var = {
>         a = 1
>     include /path/to/file
>         c = 3
>       }
>   /path/to/file:
>     [sec2]
>        b = 2
> then the resulting profile relations would be:
>   sec1 -> var -> a = 1
>   sec1 -> var -> c = 3
>   sec2 -> b = 2 

I am not convinced that allowing an include in the middle of parsing a
section is a good idea.  It mean potentially supporting an odd-looking
syntax w/o any benefit.  Or is there some scenario where such a syntax is
actually useful?

If we do want to disallow the above: From my understanding of the profile
format, relations must be inside a section.  So it seems like it would be
relatively straightforward to require that the next thing after an include
is a new section and not another relation...and that you are not inside a
relation when processing an include.


Btw, what are the restrictions on the name of a relation?  Is it any
sequence of non-space characters?  i.e., is the following allowed:
  a b = something

- Danilo

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