How to extend kadmin

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Thu Oct 29 13:40:52 EDT 2009

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Hudson <ghudson at MIT.EDU> writes:

    Greg> Summary response: * Nico, Ken, and (in previous off-list
    Greg> conversation) Tom have expressed displeasure at an approach
    Greg> which requires more hand-editing of XDR code.  So the way
    Greg> we've extended kadmin for lockout support on the trunk (the
    Greg> api 2->3 bump and conditionalization of
    Greg> xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_rec) is controversial.

Count me in the set of people who want to be able to use rpcgen.  This
is under the assumption that we can find some way of generating
encoders for krb5_principal.  Ken's solution seems fine to me.  Nico's
solution--asking the application to deal--does not.

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