How to extend kadmin

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Tue Oct 27 13:36:45 EDT 2009

On Oct 27, 2009, at 11:59, Nicolas Williams wrote:
>> * However, Nico notes that the way we marshal krb5_principal is
>> problematic for using rpcgen.  I looked into this myself: we call
>> krb5_unparse_name on encode and krb5_parse_name on decode.  Does  
>> rpcgen
>> support app-defined encoding functions for particular fields?  If  
>> not, I
>> am doubtful that we will ever be in the position of being able to use
>> a .x file to define the kadmin protocol without starting over.
> No, you can't, but what you could do is declare the kadm5 krb5 princ
> data type to be "opaque" and then do the parsing/unparsing at the
> application layer.

I think you can leave the type undefined to rpcgen and use something  

#ifdef RPC_XDR
%bool_t xdr_foo(XDR *xdrs, foo *fooptr)
%  [...]

So you can supply an encoder/decoder (and typedef, etc) for an  
individual type, without having to preprocess it all at the  
application layer before calling into the RPC code.


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