Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Thu Oct 29 10:57:00 EDT 2009

Nicolas Williams <Nicolas.Williams at> writes:

> What indentation style will you use?  Will you expand tabs?  What will
> be the length of the longest line after re-indentation?
> You might not be able to answer the last question till you're almost
> done, of course :)  Not that I mind line lengths past 80 columns, but I
> do mind line lengths past around 110-132 columns.

I believe I have given answers to your first two questions already.
(in my reply to Simo, and other places; please tell me if I missed
something) As for the post-reindent maximum line length... I'm not
sure either, but I think that 132 columns is a reasonable guess.  If
there are egregiously long lines remaining after reindenting, we can
fix them manually.

> (For me line length tolerance is a function of screen width and/or
> aspect ratio, resolution and font sizes.  110 columns is almost always
> something I can live with.)

Yeah, these are factors that typographers take into account when
designing printed pages.  Baseline spacing also plays a role.

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