Error calling function protocol status: 1312

Santiago Rivas sanribu at
Wed Oct 14 06:55:08 EDT 2009

Hi again,

After some tough work, it seems I've got my test environment configured and
working with DHCP server, DNS server, ldap and Domain Controller, running on
a GNU Linux Debian platform. I've also configured KDC + AS services on that
machine, and I'm glad to see that I'm able to create a secure context
between the server and other GNU Linux machine. I'm using GSS-API in Java
1.6, and everything works fine.

The problem comes when I run the same Java code on a Windows XP SP3 platform
with jdk 1.5.0_21 version installed. Just before the context is created, I
get the message:

*Error calling function protocol status: 1312. A specified logon session
does not exist. It may already have been terminated.*

But the most curious thing is that execution continues and secure context is
created indeed. I've also checked *krb5kdc.log* and verified that both TGT
ans TGS tickets are generated and delivered correctly.

I've searched the web and I've found many posible explanations, like:

*"There is a problem with Windows API FormatMessage usage in a non English
locale"* - forums.sun
*"The identity associated with a
* security token is being used for constrained delegation, but constrained
delegation is not configured correctly."* - msdn
*"There is a bug in Java 1.5"* - other source

... but none of them convinces me.
So the cuestion is: Why is that message appearing? Should I worry about it?
How can I solve it?

Thanks in advance!


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