Preliminary discussion: DB alias entries

Zhanna Tsitkova tsitkova at MIT.EDU
Mon Mar 9 17:46:09 EDT 2009

I would look for MIT Kerberos own OID number for any attr  if we  
cannot find one among the existing OIDs, created by different vendors.  
Otherwise, I would reuse the existing and registered one, created by  
Novell, or Sun, or IBM or anyone else.  Of course, we cannot modify  
vendors OID as they are strictly assigned to the organization.

On Mar 9, 2009, at 4:43 PM, Sam Hartman wrote:

>>>>>> "Zhanna" == Zhanna Tsitkova <tsitkova at MIT.EDU> writes:
>    Zhanna> Does MIT Kerb have own OID "prefix" - I mean OID that may
>    Zhanna> be extended for additional attributes?  Would you like
>    Zhanna> rather have Novell-based OIDs?  Any other suitable
> Yes, we should be able to get OIDs; talk to Tom.
> A Novell OID would involve coordinating with them.
> Clearly we should not change existing novell OIDs we're using.

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