Preliminary discussion: DB alias entries

Greg Hudson ghudson at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 5 17:39:23 EST 2009

Status update on this work:

* I will take Love and Sam's suggestion to use a separate namespace (and
database file) for DB2 aliases.

* Based on the resource situation here, I am trying to cut as many
deliverables as possible to be able to implement this for 1.7 without
delaying the release.  Therefore, the alias database will be read-only
from the libkdb db2 plugin's perspective, and aliases will be invisible
to delete/iterate.  The expectation is that most users will generate and
synchronize the alias database from an external information source.

* To ensure that alias database manipulation is scriptable, I may need
to provide a short C program to write to kdb2 databases.  The operating
system's native DB library may not be format-compatible with kdb2 so
other options like perl's DB_File may not work.

* I expect to provide some kind of sample script, or feature of the
short C program, which grabs cname records from a BIND zone file and
synchronizes an alias database with them.  That should be pretty

* I probably won't be able to implement LDAP alias support for 1.7.

Very basic early project proposal at:

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