appl/{bsd,ftp,telnet} unbundling plan

Ezra Peisach epeisach at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 3 14:32:54 EDT 2009

It might be useful to leave gss-sample, sample, simple as they test 
basic functionality, they are not installed, and dejagnu currently uses 

I do not believe that dejagnu tests need to have krb5-appl installed... 
Instead krb5-appl should have their own test suite... If there is a bug 
in krb5-appl - it should not hold up a release...


Sam Hartman wrote:
> I suspect that Russ and I will end up maintaining these for Debian and
> so I'll probably end up spending some cycles on this, but again my
> hope is to minimize my commitment.
> You probably need to eject the pty library along with appl/*.
> Currently appl/* depends on k5-int.h.  You will presumably need to
> deal with that somehow.
> I assume that the dejagnu tests will require that
> 1) you've run make install in a krb5-appl release into your prefix
> and
> 2) that's built in such a way that setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH will cause the kerberos libs out of the tree to be used?
> --Sam
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