appl/{bsd,ftp,telnet} unbundling plan

Mike Patnode mike.patnode at
Wed Jun 3 13:48:06 EDT 2009

We have both a PAM & LAM implementation we'd be willing to submit.
We're just finishing the 1.7 integration now and from there just need to
find time to submit the changes back.


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ghudson at MIT.EDU writes:

> Russ Allbery has volunteered to put a minimal amount of time into
> maintaining appl/bsd.  Ken Hornstein has indicated an interest in
> telnet and FTP, although I'm not sure how much of a time commitment.
> Both already have MIT accounts and thus can be given access to our
> infrastructure.  It doesn't appear that anyone is interested in
> putting in the time to be a primary maintainer of any of the three
> pieces of code (e.g. adding new features, improving its portability by
> using PAM instead of login.krb5, etc.).  My sense is that we (MIT) are
> willing to put in some one-time effort to get the code out of our main
> tree, but are not interested in raising our long-term commitment level
> to it beyond "the minimum necessary".

I may be able to find some time to work on the PAM support, or find a
different solution to that problem at least for Kerberos rlogin and rsh.

The plan sounds good to me.

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