appl/{bsd,ftp,telnet} unbundling plan

Greg Hudson ghudson at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 3 14:25:28 EDT 2009

On Wed, 2009-06-03 at 13:46 -0400, Sam Hartman wrote:
> Currently appl/* depends on k5-int.h.  You will presumably need to
> deal with that somehow.

In general, my plan is to duplicate and strip down k5-platform.h, and
include k5-platform.h and krb5.h instead of k5-int.h.  There are some
other entanglements to deal with:

  * krb5_read_message, krb5_write_message, and krb5_net_read are used in
various places and are not part of the API.  Simplest (though perhaps
not best) is to make them part of the API.

  * krcp uses krb5_set_config_files in some compatibility code; not sure
what that's about.

  * login.c dereferences the context to get the profile instead of using

  * kcmd.c uses data_eq_string.

> I assume that the dejagnu tests will require that
> 1) you've run make install in a krb5-appl release into your prefix
> and
> 2) that's built in such a way that setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH will cause the kerberos libs out of the tree to be used?

Ideally I'd like to migrate the application tests to krb5-appl.  I
assume that would result in some amount of decreased code coverage from
the test suite, but I'm not sure how much.

Requiring a crazy build of krb5-appl to productively run the krb5 test
suite would not be a good end state.  If this turns into too much of a
blocker, I will just decide that "expand the code coverage of the krb5
test suite independent of the application tests" is a prerequisite for
unbundling the applications, which probably means pushing off
unbundingling until after 1.8.

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