krb5-appl status update

ghudson@MIT.EDU ghudson at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 13 16:10:58 EDT 2009

For background, see:

The krb5-appl repository is now open for business.  If you are a krb5
commiter, please commit forward-looking application changes to
krb5-appl instead of krb5.  If they are bugfixes targeted for 1.7,
commit them to krb5 as well.

The new tree has a single unified script, and uses a
header file for configuration instead of $(DEFS).  Due to the scope of
that change, there may be some portability regressions.  I am
currently testing the build on Solaris; it works fine on Ubuntu.

The tree is currently still using several un-prototyped libkrb5
interfaces (krb5_read_message, krb5_write_message, krb5_net_read, and
krb5_set_config_files).  We need to prototype these functions and
commit to their maintenance, stop using them in krb5-appl, or cheat
and prototype them in krb5-appl.  I plan to study the situation a bit
more and decide which is best.  The tree builds okay in spite of this
blemish, just with more warnings than usual.

On a related note, krb5-appl is currently relying on some functions in
libkrb5support for portability (e.g. krb5int_strlcpy).  This seems
unlikely to cause a problem since those interfaces are unlikely to

The relevant parts of the dejagnu test suite exist in krb5-appl and
will execute under make check if you have "runtest" in your path.  The
tests pass for me on Ubuntu.  They do assume you have the krb5 daemons
installed (e.g. krb5kdc); it might be worth checking for that at
configure time.

For the moment, the project infrastructure is:

  * The same bug database as krb5 (krb5-appl queue)

  * The same dev mailing list as krb5 (krbdev).  This is subject to
    change if people maintaining krb5-appl don't want the traffic
    volume of the krbdev list.

  * A separate commit list (krb5-appl-commits).  We copied over the
    subscribers of the current krb5 commits list.

There is some information about project maintenance documented at:

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