MIT krb db2 hash test failures on Solaris

Will Fiveash William.Fiveash at Sun.COM
Thu Jan 22 21:42:26 EST 2009


On Solaris 5.11 snv_96 i86pc I'm seeing failures when running the db2
hash tests found in src/plugins/kdb/db2/libdb2/test.  What is happening
is in test1 there is a put() followed by a get() which is failing with
this error message:

get failed, no such key

I'm running:

./dbtest -o ./t3 hash ./t2

Its failing because in:

__get_item() there is this code to calculate the key->size:

	if (KEY_OFF(cursorp->pagep, cursorp->pgndx) != BIGPAIR) {
		if ((i = prev_realkey(cursorp->pagep, cursorp->pgndx)) ==
			key->size = hashp->hdr.bsize -
			    KEY_OFF(cursorp->pagep, cursorp->pgndx);

Now I know that the put() key->size was 5 but after the assignment above
key->size is 65541.  The problem is that on Solaris:

KEY_OFF(cursorp->pagep, cursorp->pgndx) = 65531
hashp->hdr.bsize = 131072

And hashp->hdr.bsize is being set in init_hash here:

	/* Fix bucket size to be optimal for file system */
	if (file != NULL) {
		if (stat(file, &statbuf))
			return (NULL);
		hashp->hdr.bsize = statbuf.st_blksize;

And statbuf.st_blksize = 131072.  Note that I'm running dbtest on a ZFS
filesystem.  And googling I notice some posts about how ZFS uses
variable block sizes.

So either is the above code is making some bad assumptions or stat() is
buggy.  Thoughts?

Will Fiveash
Sun Microsystems Inc.

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