Does the development team have recommendation on pam_krb5?

Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Feb 13 12:55:22 EST 2009

I'll refrain from commenting on the general question, since I'm only a
gadfly on the group that you're asking and since my opinion is probably
predictable.  ;)  FWIW, the reason why I started from Debian's at the time
and decided to maintain my own is because search_k5login was a mandatory
feature for us at Stanford and it looked easier to add to and maintain in
the code base Debian was using at the time than the one from Sourceforge
(on which the Red Hat module is based, I believe).

"Glenn Machin" <gmachin at> writes:

> It is my understanding that Fedora/RedHat uses 2.2/2.3 version while
> Solaris 10, Ubunto/Debian use 3.X version maintained by Russ Allbery.
> From what I can tell they are divergent code branches.

Solaris 10 I believe uses yet another separate implementation that Sun
wrote themselves, although I've not looked at it in any detail (in part
because it's covered by a license that's not compatible with mine, and I
don't want to accidentally take code from it).

I don't believe the Fedora / Red Hat PAM module even has a common ancestor
with mine.  I believe it's an entirely separate implementation.

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