Unit tests of internal functions

Ezra Peisach epeisach at MIT.EDU
Tue Dec 29 06:53:42 EST 2009

I am not advocating a switch to libtool - but Ken indicated that he did 
not believe libtool supported library initialization/finalization 
functions nor symbol export lists.  Looking at the manual online 
indicates that symbol export lists is supported w/ "-export-symbols" and 
a symbol file.

The libltdl loader does support finalization of modules - initialization 
left to implementor.  But Ken was indicating the general
library loading, etc.

Years ago I tried to use libtool in the krb5 tree - but it was amazingly 
slow on the computers available. The source tree has been trimmed - but 
you are still talking about a 9600 line shell script being executed for 
every object. (yes - all code paths are not used - but you get the picture).

In my mind the real outstanding issue w/ libtool/automake, etc is the 
windows O/S code.  Otherwise, automake & friends could simplify 
maintainability - at the price of speed in compiling code - but might be 
more beneficial in a trade off of maintaining the build system w/ 
archaic and mystical files....

Since I mentioned cmake - someone posted some issues they had w/ it over 
the auto* tools:




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