svn rev #23458: trunk/src/plugins/kdb/db2/libdb2/test/

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 7 23:43:55 EST 2009

epeisach at MIT.EDU writes:

> Commit By: epeisach
> Log Message:
> ticket: 6593
> subject: Remove dependency on /bin/csh in test suite
> The libdb2 test suite would fail if /bin/csh was not present.  The
> tests did not execute /bin/csh - but used the contents as data to put
> into the test database.  Iterate over a few "known" files until one is found
> that could be used for it... Tests for /bin/csh, /bin/cat, /usr/bin/cat, 
> /bin/ls, /usr/bin/ls.  If none of these exist - then fail.

Is this the only part of the test suite that assumes /bin/csh?  I have
a vague recollection that this is the case.  If so, we should revise
some of the test suite advice in the wiki now that the dependency is

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