Ticket File Cached in Memory?

John W. M. Stevens john at betelgeuse.us
Tue Aug 25 09:46:35 EDT 2009


I'm developing an authenticated peer-to-peer, messaging service that uses
Kerberos 5.

So far, so good, thanks to a few pithy pointers from this list.  I've
gotten far enough along to be doing performance testing, and the system
is thrashing on opening, reading and closing the file used to store

The obvious solution would be to have the tickets cached in memory, but
I can't find any suggestions on how to do that, or even if it is possible.

And, too, I've got a file handle leak (on the ticket file) somewhere, but
that won't matter if I can't speed things up a bit.  And if I speed it up
by caching, that bug won't really matter any more.

Any hints or pointers to what I should be reading to help me figure
how/if memory vs. file caching is possible?

John S.
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