gss_import_name() fails on HPUX .. need help

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 25 08:39:57 EDT 2009

Manoj Mohan <manojm at> writes:

> Hi,
> I was able to setup my client server programs successfully when
> KDC/client/server were on same host (linux).
> However, when I am trying to keep KDC on linux, and client/server on HP..
> its failing in gss_import_name on the
> client side with error or GSS_S_CALL_INACCESSIBLE_READ.
> I tried to google this, but most of the links were indicating the patch
> could be an issue.. but apparently that seems to
> be okay.
> Do I need to install something special on HP-UX. I can see that patches
> look good..
> $ swlist -lproduct | grep -i gss
>   GSS-API               B.11.11        GSS-API Version 1.0
>   PHSS_29487            1.0            GSS-API Version 1.0 Cumulative patch
> ........
>     name_buffer.length = strlen("ol_vardhan_al/");
>     name_buffer.value = server_name;
>     maj_stat = gss_import_name(&min_stat, &name_buffer, mech_type,
> &target_name);
> ..................
> On KDC, I can see that ol_vardhan_al/ entry is there
> (via list_principals)
> Any idea.. what I am missing?

You do not appear to have quoted the source code that sets the
"server_name" variable.  It is difficult to tell what the problem may
be without having this information.

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