two more questions steve at
Fri Apr 10 11:47:55 EDT 2009

1)  GSSAPI logging.


I have built a library using the windows lib included in kfw 3.2.2 using Visual Studio 2005.  I am encountering problems which I would like more detailed information on besides the major and minor error codes.  I am trying to output the logging using the following lines in my krb5.ini.  I know I am using the correct krb5.ini because I am specifying the default keytab file which it is using.  Here is the krb5.ini:


 dns_lookup_realm = true
  default_keytab_name = krb5.keytab
 default = FILE:krb5.log  <-- from everything I have seen all you have to do is include this line but not krb5.log is being produced.
 DOMAIN1 = {
  kdc = kdc1
  kdc = kc2
  admin_server = kdc1
 DOMAIN2 = {
  kdc = kdc1
  kdc = kdc2


Can you point out any extra steps that are required or direct me to some documentation.  I have really dug through the internet and all the documentation included with the kfw releases.


2)  I am receiving an error on gss_init_context on the second call after receiving the context from the server:  KRB5 error code 69.  I was hoping I could get more info on what this means.  I am completely sure that the server side component is working correctly because i have completed a kerberos authentication with it using a Microsoft SSPI client.  This definitely could be a bug in my code and I can post the code on request.


Thanks again for the help.



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