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> Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 16:20:52 -0400
> From: Ken Raeburn <raeburn at MIT.EDU>
> Subject: Re: MD5DES_BETA5_COMPAT
> To: Tom Yu <tlyu at MIT.EDU>
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> On Aug 20, 2008, at 16:03, Tom Yu wrote:
>> There is some backward compatibility code in the MD5DES and MD4DES
>> keyed hash implementation in our crypto library.  It appears to allow
>> validation of keyed MD5 or MD4 checksums where the sender did not
>> include a confounder.
>> The name macros controlling this compatibility code imply that they
>> were for the "Beta 5" release, which was more than 10 years ago.   
>> Does
>> anyone still require this compatibility hack?
> Perhaps another good question is, does anyone still care about any
> sort of backwards compatibility with pre-1.0 releases?  I believe at
> least one vendor is, or was within the last year or so, still
> supporting 1.0.x clients for some customers.  But we may still be able
> to draw a line at 1.0, if not later....
> Ken

That would be Oracle?  I'm all for encouraging them to upgrade to a  
current Kerberos code base, and wish you luck with that.  After  
spending the time to figure out how to make their K5 support work, I'm  
left wondering if I could ever in good conscience recommend it to  
anyone, since you have to disable non-DES crypto support.

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