rewrite gss_krb5_ccache_name

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Mon Nov 24 11:01:24 EST 2008

Stephen Ince wrote:
> Thx. Not really possible and has other side effects. We need the 
> application needs to run as lean as possible. One thread consumes a lot 
> of memory and will have to be around for the life of the program. At one 
> point you could have 2000 threads and at another point 10 threads. We 
> basically simulate browsers and their http connections.

As a temporary fix, could you do something like:

char * not_needed_name;
gss_buffer_desc not_needed_buffer;

not_needed_name = NULL;
major_status =gss_krb5_ccache_name(&minor_status,
if (not_needed_name) {
    not_needed_buffer.length = strlen(not_needed_name)+1;
    not_needed_buffer.value = not_needed_name;
    gss_release_buffer(&minor_status, &not_needed_buffer);
    not_needed_name = NULL;

This would then allow you application to get the string
so it can be freeded, but let the gssapi lib use the free()
function linked with the lib.

> Steve
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>> You do not need to write this function.   That is not the bug you are
>> experiencing.
>> The bug is the library's failure to deallocate memory assigned to Thread
>> Local Storage.
>> You are not using the 'old_name' parameter set to anything other than 
>> NULL.
>> The way to avoid this problem is to redesign your application to use a
>> pool of pre-existing worker threads instead of spinning off a new thread
>> for each connection and letting it die when the application terminates.
>> This solution would also use less CPU.
>> Jeffrey Altman
>> Stephen Ince wrote:
>>> Is there a work around for this? Can I write my own
>>> xgss_krb5_ccache_name? Or can I force a free?
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>>>> --On Friday, November 21, 2008 11:57:54 PM -0500 Jeffrey Altman
>>>> <jaltman at> wrote:
>>>>> Note that there is a second problem with this api.  When a non-NULL
>>>>> 'old_name' parameter is provided, it must be freed using the same
>>>>> free() as is linked to the gssapi32.dll library.  Unfortunately,
>>>>> there is no gss_krb5_free_ccname() function in the API available
>>>>> to make sure that this is possible.  As a result, passing anything
>>>>> other than NULL as the 'old_name' parameter is dangerous on Windows.
>>>> This is indeed a bug in the API.  The old_name parameter should never
>>>> have been a char **; it should have been a gss_buffer_t, which would
>>>> have allowed it to be released using gss_release_buffer().
>>>> -- Jeff
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