rewrite gss_krb5_ccache_name

Stephen Ince since at
Fri Nov 21 19:50:33 EST 2008

I would like to rewrite or write a similiar function to gss_krb5_ccache_name 
that does not do any strdups.
I am using kfw-3-2-2-final on win32.  I see that gss_krb5_ccache_name is 
defined in set_ccache.c but none of the functions that it uses are exported 
or visible.
gss_krb5_ccache_name is leaking the name of the cache per thread that is 
created. Which my case is a lot of threads that get created.
Basically write a "xgss_krb5_ccache_name" that set the default kerberos 
cache but does not do a strdup.
xgss_krb5_ccache_name(minor_status, name){
    if (!err)
        kg_set_ccache_name (&err, name);


I noticed that kg_set_ccache_name is not visable outside the lib. I can not 
seem to find it.
Any guidance would be appreciated.


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