How Kerberize an application

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Hi Carlos,

For these types of questions, you
should be on the kerberos at
mailing list.

I'm currently involved in the process,

Here is a good overview of how things work:

Alf Wachsmann's tutorial in Linux Journal
explains setting up your KDC and more.

There are examples programs in the download.

I've also been using IBM's online documentation
as well (for example, krb5_rd_req).

Hope that helps,

Carlos Rainho wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm studying Science Computing in Gama Filho University at Rio de Janeiro,
> Brazil. In my final project, I will implement securtiy in ALua, an
> event-driven communication mechanism for developing distributed parallel
> applications based on the interpreted language Lua (
> One way of this implementation is the usage of Kerberos. So, I need the
> modeling of kerberos in linux (Fedora 8) to kerberize commands in ALua that
> sends messages from one process for others processes in the same machine or
> not. Summarizing, I want to know how kerberize any application in Linux.
> I search for all the Internet, including site, papers in
> CiteSeer, and no modeling was found.
> Can you help me?
> Thanks,

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