How Kerberize an application

Carlos Rainho carlosrainho at
Tue May 13 09:29:35 EDT 2008


I'm studying Science Computing in Gama Filho University at Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil. In my final project, I will implement securtiy in ALua, an
event-driven communication mechanism for developing distributed parallel
applications based on the interpreted language Lua (

One way of this implementation is the usage of Kerberos. So, I need the
modeling of kerberos in linux (Fedora 8) to kerberize commands in ALua that
sends messages from one process for others processes in the same machine or
not. Summarizing, I want to know how kerberize any application in Linux.

I search for all the Internet, including site, papers in
CiteSeer, and no modeling was found.

Can you help me?


Carlos Rainho

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