krb5-1.6.4-beta1 is available

Damian Hazen dhazen at
Mon Mar 31 12:15:42 EDT 2008

Ken Raeburn wrote:
> Unfortunately, we don't have any functional AIX systems to test with 
> here.  (We used to have an AIX 4 system, donated by IBM, but its disk 
> died and we've done nothing about it, much like our scrounged Tru64 
> 5.1 system.  No AIX 5 to play with.

You may not have been expressing that you have time or interest in 
having access to an AIX 5 system, but I've forwarded this message to the 
group at IBM that we do joint development with to see if they can help. 
They've asked if you recall the individual within IBM that provided the 
AIX 4 system.
> So far as I've heard, these platforms aren't the highest priorities to 
> support among our sponsors.)  This is, I think, the first "normal 
> UNIX" build system (i.e., not Mac OS X, which is already treated 
> specially in a bunch of ways) where dynamically loaded objects (e.g., 
> preauth or kdb plugins) and shared libraries (e.g., libkrb5) can be 
> built differently, so it may take a few rounds of debugging.

We submitted a 
while back, and have been running with it.  The db2 kdb plugin works but 
we haven't exercised any others.  Should plugin  support include the 
ability to rebind symbols?  If so,  then run time linking needs to be 
specified when building the executables that use the plugins - something 
this patch doesn't provide for.   We also didn't fix up the link command 
for gcc compilation, but I can easily resubmit the patch with gcc support.
> I'm unclear on whether the previous change was broken since, 
> incomplete, or just wrong; I'm quite willing to believe we broke 
> something since getting the patch or in applying it.
> has the prior 
> discussion that led to these changes in the first place.  
Hmmm... the intent here was to build both run time linking shared 
objects and traditional (for AIX) wrapped shared objects for all  
libraries, and the kerberos build probably broke when static library 
support went a way.   Reincorporating this behavior is a bigger job, and 
I wonder if run time linking, for say libkrb5 is necessary.  BTW, AIX 
supports dlopen()'ing shared objects in .a's as well.


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