Review of AEAD Encryption API Project; concluding December 5, 2008

Luke Howard lukeh at
Mon Dec 1 17:46:56 EST 2008

Why not just make them 16 bits wide?

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On 02/12/2008, at 9:08 AM, Sam Hartman <hartmans at> wrote:

>>>>>> "Luke" == Luke Howard <lukeh at> writes:
>>> Luke did this for compatibility with some work going on in the
>>> Samba community.  My preference would be to do it right and
>>> make this be a type.
>    Luke> Correct, I used the API proposed by Stefan (copied). Stefan,
>    Luke> perhaps you could explain why you made flags and type
>    Luke> separate fields in the IOV structure?
> Hmm.  I think Love was asking more about why sign_only was was a flag
> not a separate type from data.  However if we did make sign_only be a
> type, then perhaps we could fold alloc and allocated as higher order
> bits in the type and avoid the flags field.
> --Sam

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