Review of AEAD Encryption API Project; concluding December 5, 2008

Luke Howard lukeh at
Mon Dec 1 16:44:54 EST 2008

> Luke did this for compatibility with some work going on in the Samba  
> community.
> My preference would be to do it right and make this be a type.

Correct, I used the API proposed by Stefan (copied). Stefan, perhaps  
you could explain why you made flags and type separate fields in the  
IOV structure?

>    Love> Re DCE, How does the caller now that know that the data is
>    Love> correctly padded and how do they get the padding size of
>    Love> before performing any operation given a gss_ctx_id_t ?
> Luke?

My understanding is that DCE always pads to 16 bytes and does not  
support cryptosystems that require greater padding.

-- Luke

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