how to best kerberize a product

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz at
Wed Apr 23 18:31:15 EDT 2008

--On Wednesday, April 23, 2008 12:46:56 PM -0600 "Kristen J. Webb" 
<kwebb at> wrote:

> Hi All,
> After doing some research on my own, I now have lots of questions.
> I have a simple implementation that uses sendauth and recvauth
> as a starting point.

Don't do that.  In fact, I'd recommend against using Kerberos directly at 
all; you should use GSS-API or, if it fits your application, SASL.

Kris, please contact me off-list for more help with this.  There are a 
number of possible pitfalls here, and it is very important to me that you 
get this right.  As Jeff points out, this is really not the right forum for 
this, and I'm 2000+ messages behind on the kerberos at list. :-(

-- Jeff

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