Unicode and APIs

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at secure-endpoints.com
Wed Sep 19 18:29:26 EDT 2007

Nicolas Williams wrote:
> I won't defer this comment though :)
> I think requiring the use of Unicode locales in order to get certain new
> functionality is acceptable.
> Global per-user locale settings (as opposed to per-process env vars)
> will effectively be needed, but when you can't represent some Unicode
> string in a non-Unicode locale, well, you (the user) lose -- start using
> Unicode locales to win.
Every Windows application has both UNICODE and a two locale character
sets (OEM and ANSI) depending on which APIs are being used.   All krb5
APIs are currently using the ANSI locale character set and until all
applications switch to UTF8, ...

In other words, I can't simply change the locale to force all
applications to use UTF8.  It would have to be a software upgrade for
each application.

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