mediawiki as a choice of wiki software

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Oct 3 17:04:22 EDT 2007


One of our goals is to work on opening up the MIT Kerberos software
project and getting a lot of outside involvement.  We believe that the
project would significantly improve if we had more members of our core
team and more active developers who did not work for MIT.

As part of that we want to work on having more transparency and

I'm considering putting together a wiki as a proposal for how to
accomplish some of these goals.  It would include policies, procedures
etc and would be a tool in decision making and managing/tracking

We would review such a proposed wiki and decide if it was useful.

One thing I don't want to have is a debate about wiki software after
I've spent work putting together a wiki.

I propose using mediawiki because I find its markup easy to use and
because it is very stable and promotes community interactions.  The
down sides are that it doesn't support having pages that are not
anonymously readable.  I think that's probably a feature for this

One other possibility is that my group at MIT runs a wiki service
based on Confluence.  I think giving people outside MIT accounts on
that wiki would be difficult.  I find it harder to use than mediawiki.
It also would make it hard to separate our information from other
groups at MIT.



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