Small leak in kadm5_get_init_creds

Jerry James Jerry.James at
Mon Mar 12 11:57:05 EDT 2007

Tom Yu <tlyu at MIT.EDU>, on Fri, 09 Mar 2007 at 16:16:24 -0500 you wrote:
>>>>>> "Jerry" == Jerry James <Jerry.James at> writes:
> Jerry> I found this on Fedora Core 6, which is using 1.5, but I downloaded the
> Jerry> sources and found the same leak is present in 1.6.  The function
> Jerry> kadm5_get_init_creds fails to clean up a principal before exiting.  This
> Jerry> patch plugs the leak.
> [...]
> Jerry> I first sent this to kerberos at, but the list management software
> Jerry> classified the patch (which was attached) as a binary and quarantined
> Jerry> it, and also threw away the text part of my message.  Is it configured
> Jerry> that way on purpose?
> Both your text and patch arrived intact as far as I could see on
> kerberos at, but I haven't checked to see if the archives have it
> intact.

I'm glad the mail arrived intact.  The archives don't have the text

>          Is this bug related to ticket #1000 in our bug database?
> It looks similar, but it seems like it covers a different set of error
> cases.

It is in the same region of code, but it appears to be a different bug.
The leak I reported always happens; ticket #1000 is for a leak that only
occurs when there is an error.  Plus, the structure being leaked is a
principal in my case, but is a context and a handle in the case of
ticket #1000.

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