Vista / UAC

Tim Alsop Tim.Alsop at CyberSafe.Com
Thu Mar 1 09:50:17 EST 2007


I repeat:  You cannot bypass the UAC checks.   When your process is
running under an account that is a member of the "Administrators" group,
you will have to start a secondary process or COM object running as the
"Administrator" which will have the bits necessary to read the session
key.  When that secondary process or COM object is started, the user
*will* be asked for permission.  That is the purpose of UAC, to notify
the user, each and every time, that a process is trying to perform an
operation that is deemed sensitive. 

Regarding the above description - I don't want to support a situation
where the user is a member of administrator group. Our code is used by
normal unprivilaged users (e.g. a business user of an application hosted
on UNIX that uses GSS-API authentication), not by people who are member
of domain administrators group.

If I understand UAC correctly, then when a normal user logs on, they
would have to enter an admin password to allow our code to access the
session key ? Of course, this is not workable since a company cannot
give all their application users admin permissions just so that they get
Single SignOn.


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