need help on CVS diff

Vipin Rathor v.rathor at
Wed Jan 17 01:43:51 EST 2007

hi Ken & list,

>If the ticket you're looking at has CVS revision numbers, the old CVS
>repository is still available for the moment (anonymously, and read-
>only) as :pserver:anoncvs at

Ken, thanks a lot for your response. Now, I can easily use access repository
via svn.
BTW, I am still having tough nights in accessing the old CVS-style tickets.
I've installed a CVS client binary & whenver I ran CVS diff command, this is
the response I'm getting:
c:\>cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at diff -r1.56
*cvs [diff aborted]: authorization failed: server rejected
access to /cvs/krbdev for user anoncvs
Am I doing something wrong?

Considering the fact that I'm beginner in CVS-world, any suggestion on the
above problem will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Vipin Rathor

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