KFW 3.2 / NIM 1.2 release schedule

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at secure-endpoints.com
Mon Jan 15 11:34:09 EST 2007

Tomorrow, Jan 16, is the public release of Windows Vista.  The current
KFW does not work particularly well on Vista.  Getting a version out
that does is a priority.  It is my goal to release a public beta of KFW
3.2 on January 30th.

At the moment KFW 3.2 will include the following changes from KFW 3.1:

    * Fix Known KFW 3.1 Bugs
           o expiration of non-identity credentials (e.g., kerberos 5
             service tickets or afs tokens) cause the identity to be
             marked "expired"
           o the "obtain kerberos 4 tickets" field on the per-identity
             Kerberos 4 tab does not register state changes
           o kerberos 5 provider marks the identity as invalid when
             network errors occur while testing principal existence
           o kfw installers do not create registry values for all
            installed plug-ins
           o kfw msi installer does not work on Vista
     * User Configurable System Tray Default Action
     * Convert *New Credentials Browser* into an Advanced Option and use
       a Native Tabbed Window
     * Improved Alert Management
     * Enhanced System Tray Menu
     * Register Credential Plug-in Help on the NIM Help Menu
     * Workaround for Removal of Support for WinLogon Event Handlers
     * Vista Enabled MSLSA Credential Cache Support
     * Upgrade to MIT Kerberos 5 release 1.6

If there is time, Secure Endpoints will attempt to implement:

     * New Default View Mode

This release will be 32-bit only.   The 64-bit release will be delayed by the need to address replacing the Leash API with a partial implementation of the Kerberos Identity Management API.  

Following the KFW 3.2 release will be a KFW 3.3 release that will include many of the unimplemented items listed on the Network Identity Manager and Kerberos for Windows Requested Features list.  <http://www.secure-endpoints.com/netidmgr/roadmap.html>

Secure Endpoints is seeking funding to support this development.  Please contact Secure Endpoints at netidmgr at secure-endpoints.com <mailto:netidmgr at secure-endpoints.com?subject=Network%20Identity%20Manager%20Feature%20Request> if your organization is interested in supporting this work.

Jeffrey Altman
Secure Endpoints Inc.

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